the biggest obstacle between you & success is you. Master yourself and win!


A vision for the Future

We are only limited by the things that we allow to limit us. We can win if we decide that losing is not an option and live like it. Most of us just need someone to tell us that we are capable and show us how to tap into our strengths to grow from where we are, to where we want to be. I'm here for that.

About Me


Just one year after being married to the love of my life, we divorced. Things were ugly... BUT GOD! 

(Video testimonial coming soon).


Over the last 10 years, I have mentored 1,000 youth and young adults with an emphasis on  personal development and entrepreneurial excellence through the Real Talk mentoring program. Our program is robust and available to train and mentor your youth and youth leaders to make a city-wide impact. 


My faith in Christ Jesus fuels my pursuit of God and neighbor. Before Jesus, I was a mess, and without Him, I'm nothing. Really, I'm just a regular guy partnering with God to make Jesus famous through the planting of minority-led churches, urban missions, and conference speaking.


I have been a member of the City of Hollywood's African American Advisory Council for the past five years. In my work with the council, I strive to seek the welfare of South Florida's community of color by creating and promoting educational, economic, and entrepreneurial development opportunities.


Against all Odds

What is it that is holding you back and hindering you from being great? This presentation is built on years of trial and error, failure and success. 

By the end of our time together, you will grow more confident in the reality that you have everything you need to overcome and win "against all odds".

The Rose that Grew from Concrete

This presentation walks students and young adults through the true story of three individuals who were born into addiction, poverty, and dysfunction yet have become high-level leaders and entrepreneurs.

Pound the Concrete

We all know that we should help those around us, but not many of us are committed to making that the way we live our lives. In this presentation, I walk participants through a vision for service and how they can generate income while developing communities.



Additional Information

Blurred vision leads to all sorts of danger. Clarity on the other hand allows for us to see clearly, adjust where needed, and win! Steve Maraboli puts it this way, "A lack of clarity could put the brakes on any journey to success,". 

This spring, the Real Talk mentoring program and I will be bringing the 20/20 Clarity tour to schools and groups all over South Florida, inspiring greatness through clarity of mind, body, and soul.

A "20/20 Clarity" tour stop includes: 

  • 30 min. motivational speech
  • 1 musical performance
  • Panel discussion made up of Rev, a local "comeback kid," local school faculty member, and a local student.

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Click here to see a preview of our fee schedule and other information pertinent to the "20/20 Clarity" tour.

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